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Barbara Grassey

Barbara Grassey has declared the second decade of the 21st Century "The Decade of Differentiation."  Business people need to brand both themselves and their companies and to stake a bold claim to set them apart from their competitors.  This decade is about personal touch and packing in value.  Your personality will become the key to your success.  (Don't worry -- if you need it, you can buy some personality here.)  What will make you stand out from your competitors is ... YOU.  This is where we separate the true entrepreneurs from the dabblers.  Marketing in this next decade will take a level of personal commitment and transparency that has not been seen before.  The Marketing Word will help you attain that level.

Barbara is an author, speaker and trainer.  As a copywriter, she specializes in finding the "hook"  or angle that makes her clients and her clients' products stand out from the crowd.  Her observation and study of human nature allows her to dig out the true concerns of consumers and offer solutions to problems that are practical and sometimes ingeniously simple.
Along with creating information products and courses, Barbara is a ghostwriter and editor for national speakers .  Her greatest asset is her ability to write in the "voice" of the personality, allowing a seamless fusion of the speaker's subject knowledge with her command of writing.  She offers a course for those who would like to create their own information products at

Barbara Grassey

February 2018
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