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Marketing in 4 Hours a Week

Does your marketing reach the people you need it to reach?

Are you actively getting clients from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites?

Do you have a gushing pipeline of clients?

If the answer to these questions is NO, I can tell you right now what your problem is.

You don't have a plan.

Oh, you sort of do in that hazy "Things I Gotta Do" list way. You know what you should be doing and from time to time, you actually do it.

But it's not consistent. And it's not working.

The Typical Business...

Marketing is just one part of a business. There are so many other components that need attention on a daily basis. So what does the typical business do?

First they advertise and market to get a client or clients. Then they have to service that client, whether it is consulting, fixing a muffler or finding the perfect starter house. They also have to take care of the invoicing and keeping a roof over their heads.

While they are doing all that, the marketing gets neglected. They finish with the client, look around and realize, "Help! I have no clients in my pipeline." So then they go and market like crazy again, get some clients and start the cycle all over.

How's that working out for you? Yeah.

How do I know this?

Because that was my marketing cycle before I got my plan together. And do you want to know the ironic thing? I'm a copywriter and marketing consultant. My business is helping clients with their marketing!! But it seemed like I never had time to do my own marketing. Definitely a case of the shoemaker's children going barefoot.

I realized I needed a marketing plan that was

  • Easy to do
  • Affordable
  • Consistent
  • Effective
  • FAST!

In short, I needed a SYSTEM. And, my clients needed that same type of system.

I sat down, tested and tweaked to find as many ways as possible for a small business person to cover as much marketing ground in as little amount of time and as cheaply as possible.

Face it. We'd all love to have a HUGE marketing department with a budget to match. But most of us don't have that. So now you can have the next best thing.

I have developed a system to help you develop a cohesive, coherent marketing plan designed to bring you the largest amount of targeted customers with the least amount of effort.



If you are looking for a magic easy button, you are in the wrong place. I think most of us are adult enough to know that there is no magic button. Yeah, I know. I wish it existed, too.

But it doesn't mean you have to struggle and put in dozens of extra hours to execute your marketing plan. I have fine tuned my system so you can spend approximately 4 hours a week and have all your marketing covered -- maybe even less time!     marketingecoverpackage

Is it worth 4 hours a week to keep your appointment book full?

Is it worth 4 hours a week to know you have money coming in to pay your bills AND have extra money for fun?

Is it worth 4 hours a week to make your business one of the few small businesses that survives and thrives in this economy?

If you're willing to invest 4 hours with me and a short 4 hours a week, you can have a marketing plan that brings you client after client after client -- automatically!

I'll even make this easier for you.

Let me walk you through it

I have put together a full course that is all about doing, not about memorizing, studying or sitting around hoping.

In this course, we'll work together to build your 4 Hour Marketing Plan. Using the manual and dvds, I walk you through everything you need to do to set up your marketing. At the end of the course...


... with the set up.

But it's the setting up of your system that allows you to cover all your marketing bases in just four hours a week.

But don't worry, I also give you a quick and easy Guide to Consistent Marketing in 4 Hours a Week. I wouldn't leave you hanging.

So, what do I cover?

Disk 1: Analyzing Your Core Business:

  • Finding Your Target Market
  • Analyzing and Leveraging Your Competition
  • Getting the Right Keywords

Disk 2: Creating a Coherent, Cohesive Message:

  • Copywriting
  • Using Words That Resonate with Your Target Market
  • Crafting Your Message and Offer

Disk 3: Exploring Various Marketing Avenues:

  • List Building and Autoresponders
  • Using Social Media Effectively
  • Video Marketing.
  • Offline Methods such as direct mail, networking, live events

Disk 4: Creating Your Actual Marketing Plan:

  • Choosing a Budget
  • Creating a Sustainable Plan
  • Creating Out Your Plan
  • What to Do First

And just to make sure you are totally comfortable with what you are doing, 4 months of email support to answer any questions you may have.

Bonus:  My Article Marketing Mini-Course.

Article Marketing is the triple threat of marketing.  It:

  1. Gives you credibility and "instant expert" status
  2. Creates backlinks to your website
  3. Drives interested, targeted traffic to you

This 22 page, quick start mini-course gives you the inside scoop on the best and fastest ways to create and distribute articles. Best of all, this marketing is a no-cost option for people on a tight budget.

Because I am giving one-on-one email support, the size of this course is LIMITED.

No false scarcity.  One of the reasons why I can get my marketing DONE is because I know how much I can chew before I bite things off. So, if you'd like to get your marketing on course, click the button below.

How much? (Don't you just hate those sites where you have to click the "Buy Now" button to find out how much something is? Me, too!)

It's $249 for this course. That's less than $300 to create your marketing plan, put it in place and have it bring in clients over and over again.

Of course this course comes with a 30 day, full money back, guarantee.

If you need clients like yesterday, if you are tired of waiting for social media to send you that flood of prospects, if you understand that marketing is the life-blood of your business, you need to get this course and more importantly IMPLEMENT IT!

A marketing course without the hype. Who woulda thunk it?

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