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Recorded Sales Pitches

Even though I am on the "do not call" list (aka , a fairy tale made up to make us feel like we have some control over our phones, if not our lives) I continue to receive marketing voice mails and texts.  (Yes, I know I can report them but really, what's the point?)

The calls aren't enough to be truly annoying because I rarely pick up a live call anyway.  (That's a time management trick, btw.)  But here's my beef:  Bad enough that you are cold-calling me.  But if you are so blatantly playing the numbers game that you use an auto-dialer and a recorded message,  if  you don't know or care who the hell I am or bother to figure out whether or not I'm even in your target demographic, what makes you think I would buy from you?  Quite frankly, if you are that lazy and uncaring during the sales process, why would I expect your customer service to be any different?

All sales involve playing the numbers game.   I understand this.  But I also know that people like doing business with people.  In a world that has become faster and more automated, people like the personal touch.  We are more and more isolated - in our cars, in our cubicles, working from home, not knowing our neighbors.  Why is social media so popular?  It gives people a chance to connect with people.  The business of sales in the year 2010 is the same way.  People want to know who they are dealing with.

People are unsure of the economy.  Roughly a quarter of homeowners are living in a house that they owe more money on than it is worth.  Prices are going up.  Job security is a thing of the past.   People are stressed and pressured and nobody seems to give a damn.  So when a recorded voice comes across my phone telling me about a way to make a "six figure income from home" or "qualify for a government rebate on air conditioning" I am not going to jump on it.  I'm going to sit back and say, "Hey, who is this person and what kind of B.S. is this jerk selling me?"  I DON'T TRUST A RECORDED VOICE.  I want a real person who will take the time to analyze my needs and see how they can help me.  I want to get a feel for that person to see if he is the real deal.  I want to MATTER to that person, at least for a little while.

If you're out for the quick hit, one-shot sale, then maybe recorded messages are the way to go.  But that's not the way to build a business.  It's just going to keep you running on that hamster wheel.  Your customers want to matter to you.  And they should.

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  • Gary Loper · 09/12/2010 at 7:20 am

    We all need human touch, in time these screamer marketers will either learn the lesson you mentioned, that we demand connection and solutions to our problems, not some one size fits all and let’s see what sticks technique, or they will fade away and grumble that life & the economy is so tough. Returning to value driven relationships, not only in business but in every area of our life will bring us the success we all long for.

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