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I received an email from a marketer with a subject line that was interesting enough to get me to open it up.  That is a major hurdle.  Even though I have cut down on the number of lists that I subscribe to, I still get over 100 emails a day and the first thing I do is go down the list and delete emails I am not going to bother with.  I bet you do the same thing.  (This is where you say, “But never with your emails, Barbara.” Yes. Of course and thank you.)

So, I clicked on the email, prepared to give him some of my time and hopefully get a bit of information in return.  But when I opened the email, I was directed to a link to a podcast.  Now, that is really cool for people who learn by listening, but I’m a reader.  In fact, I’m a pretty fast reader and even faster when I am skimming something to pick out the information I want and move on.  I can’t do that with audio or video. (Though I have clever friends who will run a video at 2x speed and slow it down at the good parts. I will leave it up to you to imagine what the good parts are.)  Frustrated, I closed out the email and deleted it.  I was interested in the information only to the extent that it took me little to no effort to get it. Had my interest level been higher, I may have gone on through to the podcast.

But for those people who learn by listening, the podcast was probably a welcome change in a sea of printed material. Different people like to learn in different ways -- some by watching, some by listening or reading or actually doing. We all tend to put out information in the way that we prefer to receive it. But we’re shutting off a large part of our marketing reach.

While I didn’t listen to the podcast, I may have learned a better lesson from that marketer’s email. It pointed out what I’m NOT doing – I need to offer my blog posts with a
couple of options – podcast or video along with the written word. Do I need to do every one like that? No.  But it might be nice for my readers if I break it up a bit.

If you’re like me and don’t like to be seen on camera (Really – change out of my shorts and t-shirt and put on make-up for a five minute video?), you can do Camtasia style videos.  (Try the freebie version for short videos using JingProject.)  Or just record what you’ve written using your computer or a digital recorder.  You may not want to read it word for word.  You may add in or take out a line or two.  And it may take you more than one “take” to get what you want.  If you normally do video or audio messages, then have them transcribed and give people the option to read instead of watch or listen.

The next time you sit down to write a blog post or send an email to your list or create a marketing piece, add another dimension to your marketing.  I’ll guarantee that your information will be heard and seen by a wider range of prospects and clients.  And, don’t forget to cross-post your message on YouTube and other video sites, article submission directories and podcast sites.



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