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Has Anyone Heard of the Internet?

Or the state of local advertising...

I picked up the local Dollar Saver magazine - a color booklet advertising local businesses distributed free around town. It had 44 ads, not counting several for the Dollar Saver itself. Out of those 44 ads, only nine or 20% had a website URL. Of those nine, two were for computer service companies, two were for online businesses and two were templated sites from national companies. One other ad deserves an honorable mention: it contained an email address.

Then I went a bit deeper (I know, I have no life). Twenty-three of the businesses had no website. But here's what is most striking: Twelve companies have websites and didn't include their URL in the ad!

Why would any business advertise without including their website URL? That's like not putting your phone number in an ad or the name of your business. Why would someone take an ad order without asking for a website address?

If this were 1999, I would understand the dearth of web addresses. Back then, online businesses were looked upon as something faddish, not solid. Now it's the opposite. If you have a business and DON'T have a website, people wonder if your business is solid.

This is a simple fix for these businesses. And it won't cost a dime. Add your website URL to all your advertising. Add it to your stationary. Add it to every piece of marketing material you have. Such a simple thing and yet it was overlooked by both the ad salesperson and the business owners. Sometimes we miss the obvious. Don't let it happen to you.

And that's the marketing word.

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