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So many ideas…so little time

If you’re like I am, you probably have at least half a dozen ideas or projects that you want to do.  But there’s only so much time in the day.  How do you choose which idea to implement first?

Here’s my personal criteria for ideas:

1. How quickly can I implement this idea?

What are the specific tasks needed to bring this idea to the real world?

Can I do it myself or will I need help in the form of graphic designers, manufacturers, expert information, technical support, etc?

2. How much will it cost to implement this idea?

Do I have the money to finance this myself?

Can I raise the money either through private sources, conventional lenders or crowd sourcing?

3. What is the potential Return on Investment?

Will this idea, properly implemented, make money?  If so, how much money and will it be enough to make this a worthwhile endeavor?

4. How fast will the money come in?

Can this idea be implemented and marketed quickly?

Does the market for this idea have to be made or does it already exist? (If it has to be made, I will probably kill the idea at this point.)


In the Clearwater, FL area? 

If you have an idea (or many ideas) but don’t know where to start, join Dan Stojadinovic and me for a one-day seminar.  We’ll show you the exact blueprint that we use to get ideas from our brains to our bank accounts.

Go to to find out more and to register.

Don’t wait until the last minute.  Seating is limited to only 30 people, first come, first served.   There will be no videotaping of this event, no live streaming.  This is a closed door session.

Remember: Every great accomplishment began with a single idea.  What's yours?

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Why do information products work so well as a marketing tool?

First of all, one of the main reasons people search the internet (consistently in the top 3 in studies) is they are looking for information. The internet is a convenient research tool, whether you are looking for a recipe, a neighbor’s tax records, how to build a solar collector or how to start your own country. You can find anything on the internet – if you know where and how to look.

But, the internet has its inefficiencies. Because of the sheer volume of information that is available, it is often difficult to find the specific information you are searching for. Sometimes you find pieces of the information you need, but not the whole picture and usually not all in one place. In addition, much of the information is undocumented or comes from questionable sources.

The beauty of an information product is it gives people what they want – the information they are looking for, explained in a way they can put to use, all in one place.

It also gives the marketer what he/she needs: a chance to display his knowledge and capabilities to a targeted market. An information product provides credibility to the author, sets that person up as an expert in that particular topic and sets them apart from their competition.

People learn in various ways – some learn better by reading or by listening or by doing. Information can be conveyed in those various forms and an information product can be made more marketable by putting the same information in various formats to help people learn in the way that’s easiest for them.
Last, but not least, information products are cheap to produce. In downloadable form, they cost nothing. CDs and DVDs can be produced for a dollar or two. Books can be printed, one at a time, for about $8.00. So, as a giveaway or a promotion, an information product’s no to low cost is perfect. As an item that is sold, the margins are incredible.

Whether you are using information as a product to sell in itself or as a list-building tool or a way to warm up the relationship with your clients and prospects, from bricks and sticks to point and click, information products are an all-around winner.

In the Tampa/Clearwater area and want to know more about creating and using information products. Click here for information on my June 4th, 2011 Workshop.

Barbara Grassey

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